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“The online sportsbook marketplace is very competitive with many household names. JAbet intends to place a game changing product in the hands of the serious punter.”

The journey begins with inplay tennis then quickly rolling out inplay football. Future expansion will bring pre off betting for both tennis and football, the primary focus will then shift to other sports.

With the following features and tools JAbet will stand out from the crowd and we welcome you on the journey;

  • Built on sophisticated propriety pricing software, not just repackaging the same odds you see on every sportsbook
  • Lowest margins in the business with no commission
  • Back and lay opportunities on every market
  • Netted liabilities to free up your cash to take advantage of new prices before open bets settle
  • Stake sensitive pricing to maximise bet acceptance
  • Cash out
  • Price Boosts
  • JAbet welcomes winners, we will not close or restrict winning accounts

Back And Lay

JAbet is the first sportsbook to offer back and lay bets without any commission!

To remind you of what that means;

A ‘back’ bet (odds in blue) is the traditional bet where you place money that an outcome will occur i.e. Roger Federer to win the match 3-0 – if he wins 3-0 your bet wins.

A lay bet (odds in pink) is where you bet that an outcome won’t happen e.g. laying Roger Federer to win the match 3-0. In this example you lose your bet if Roger Federer wins 3-0 but win your bet if he wins the match by any other score or he loses.

Clicking the odds will populate the betslip on the right.

For a back bet the potential ‘Profit’ will be show in the betslip.

For a lay the ‘Liability’ field highlights how much you could lose and the stake is the profit if you win.


If the odds change while you have the bet slip open you will be shown the new odds and you will be asked to accept these new odds before the place bet button is reactivated.

Price Boost

To match as many bets and to be as fair as possible, JAbet will boost the value of a bet if the odds for the outcome increase during the countdown. If this occurs, the word boost will be written in the bet slip confirmation and the odds will reflect the boosted value. Conversely if the price comes in during the delay the bet may be rejected.

Stake Sensitive Pricing And Default Stake – Important!

In order to accept as many bets as possible, JAbet operates stake sensitive pricing. E.g. If the back price for a selection was 1.5 for a £10 bet, JAbet would accept bets of significantly higher value but at reduced odds.

To fully take advantage of this great unique feature, you should set a realistic default stake in settings. This stake will be used to calculate the price you see on the site and betslip.

Handicap Markets

For the Match Handicap market there are an infinite number of lines that could be offered so we will only offer the market closest to evens. As an event progresses the line will move and others will become out of scope. If you have placed a bet on a market that subsequently becomes out of scope you will be able to cash out (full or partial) from the cash out screen, you will not be able to open a new position on this market.

Cash Out

Cash out gives you the opportunity to settle or partially settle your bet before the outcome is determined.

Cash out can be for 100% of your bet which would level your position on all
outcomes of the market or partial at 10% increments. Please note that cash out can be for positive (winning) or negative (losing) positions.

The cash out value for a market is displayed in green in the market header. A cash out slip is opened in the same place as the bet slip when this value is pressed. A list of all markets on which you have a position is available on the cash out page.
Cash outs are recorded as bets and can be viewed under ‘My Bets’ in the same way as placing a bet, cash outs are subject to a delay and may be rejected or boosted if the odds move during the bet delay.

Bet Delay

JAbet utilises the fastest feeds available to bring you the most up to date score or status in an event. However, there will always be a delay in collecting, receiving and

processing these feeds. In order to protect itself from someone with more up to date information on an event JAbet implements a bet delay. In most instances this will only be 3 seconds.
JAbet reserves the right to change the amount of the delay and will update the market rules with the delay time.

Netted Off Liabilities

JAbet will net off opposing bets meaning that you will only need funds in your account to cover the worst case scenario of all your bets i.e. If you bet £100 on Player 1 to win at evens and later you place £100 on Player 2 to win at evens these 2 bets will instantly offset each other and although you have made £200 worth of bets you would only need a balance of £100 in your account. In this example your liability would be zero you would still be able to place further bets.

What If

To assist with placing bets, a ‘what if’ figure will appears next to the outcome showing your position on each outcome in the market you have chosen if the bet is placed. This functionality is available from the event view and not from the home screen.



Your actual balance is the total value of funds in your account. Available balance is the total value of funds minus the total value of your outstanding bets. Please note that even though you may have cashed out for a positive value on all outcomes this will not be credited to your available or actual balance until settlement occurs. This is because markets may be voided if an event is not completed. Please see the voiding rules which are available at a market level by pressing the ‘i’ button.


Registered accounts need to be authorised before withdrawals can be made. In order to authorise an account, JAbet has a duty to verify the identity and age of the account holder. These checks are known as Know Your Customer (KYC). Under “My Account – Account Information” there is a button to submit KYC documents. These documents will be reviewed by a member of the JAbet administrative team and will either be approved or rejected. Once approved, the account will be authorised and you will be able to make withdrawals. If the documents are rejected you will be contacted via email with assistance. Please allow 48 hours for this process to take place. Withdrawals can only be made to registered cards from which a deposit has previously been made. Withdrawals can be found in My Account – Account History

Deposit Funds

Funds need to be deposited into your account before any bets can be placed. Before you can deposit funds you will first need to register a valid payment card. Your card details will only be stored with WorldPay. JAbet will only store the last 4 digits of your account number for identification purposes.

Deposit Limits

JAbet strongly recommends responsible gambling, please refer to the responsible gambling link in the footer pane. If you feel that you are unable to control your gambling, deposit limits are available and can be accessed via a link in the footer pane of each page and under “My Profile – Account History”. To set a deposit limit enter your amount and choose between daily or weekly. Once set you will be able to lower the limit at any time, however, if you wish to increase the limit you will be subject to a 24 hour delay.

Price And Scores Delay

Score boards and prices are delayed by up to 30 seconds if you are not logged in. To get real time scores and prices you should register and log into your account.

Contact Us

For any assistance, please contact us by email at helpdesk@jabet.com or on Twitter, @JAbetHelpdesk