Davis Cup Final 2016: Redemption or Castration (1/4)

Davis Cup Final 2016: Redemption or Castration (1/4)

Now that we have the small matter of year-end world no. 1 settled, all attention can shift to Zagreb for the true gem in the tennis calendar, the Davis Cup Final! (We love Davis Cup)

For the first time in 5 years we’re lacking a final involving one of the supposed ‘big four’.  Who needs them?!  This is the most enticing and intriguing final in some time.  Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why, and also why Davis Cup is just so Goddamn awesome.

Arguably one of the most appealing aspects of DC is that it allows players other than the transcending-sport megastars to have their moment on the grandest of tennis occasions.  This is possible due to the uniquely brilliant format of day 3; if the tie is level after 4 matches we’re treated to the spectacle of supporting cast members stepping up to play protagonists on grand finale night.  Players more accustomed to success at 250s than majors are suddenly thrust into the limelight for the world to witness how they cope with the hopes of a nation as they’re passed the baton for the final leg.  If the deciding rubber may lack some outright quality, well, we typically receive more than fair recompense in drama and spectacle…  (Karlović to beat Mayer in 5 sets in a deciding 5th rubber – yes we’re calling it this early)

Davis Cup Final 2016: Building the Point… (2/4)

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