Tennis Tips for Isolation

Tennis Tips for Isolation

The global coronavirus crisis is evolving day by day, and we hope everyone out there is following advice and keeping safe. It will likely be some months before things return to normality. In the meantime, please be kind to each other and help out those less fortunate at any chance you get. 


Wednesday the 11th of March 2020, a day the global sporting calendar will remember for many years to come. Just three days earlier the tennis tour was initially shaken to its core at the cancellation of the Indian Wells Masters, to only then learn the entire tour was to be suspended until late April, at best.

With more recent news of the postponement of Roland Garros, further uncertainty clouds the 2020 tour leading into the European summer. Being a group of self-confessed tennis buffs at JAbet, we considered it appropriate to offer up some options to help get you through this potentially long, isolated, tennis-less summer.

1. Swingball

A key to staying isolated is keeping physically active – we suggest clearing the garage in search of the old swingball set. TIP: if isolating with others, set up a round robin type tournament to keep the competitive edge alive. Note, those without a garden might have to get creative in the lounge.

2. Atari Pong

Download and play Atari Pong, one of the oldest known video arcade games, dating back to 1972. Granted, this could get old quite quickly, but if you start here and take your virtual tennis journey right up to current day games, it has potential to be a significant time killer. TIP: The 1982 Atari Activision Tennis version is a real hidden gem.

3. Watch your favourite classic tennis match(es)

Old faithful YouTube has a plethora of full length tennis matches, and we recommend having a scroll through and earmarking a few of the classics. Djokovic v Nadal Australian Open 2012 final, Schiavone v Stosur French Open 2010 final are two examples. TIP: The Kohschreiber v Roddick slugfest at the 2008 Australian Open, round three, proves that not all classics need to be Grand Slam finals.

4. Start a Bernard Tomic biography

From speeding fines in Ferrari’s off the court, to record breaking performances on it (def by Jarkko Nieminen 60-61 in 28 minutes), we will certainly not be short of material. The difficulty will be deciding which bits to leave out! TIP: To get the creative juices flowing, we recommend watching his interview on the Australian program 60 Minutes.

5. Brainstorm ideas to condense the tour in the back half of 2020

The half grass/half clay court would significantly cut the time needed to complete otherwise cancelled tournaments. Or what about adjusting rules to allow entry only for citizens of the host tournament in order to bypass international travel restrictions… Ok, think we’re losing it now.

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